Color Services



Gloss or Toner is a color enhancing application used for adjusting tone and adding depth and shine to the hair. Gloss or Toner is a demi-permanent hair color and cannot be used to lighten hair.


Single process tint is a single hair color application, with no lightener, to create a desired look. This is best for those who are looking to cover up gray hair, refresh existing color, or go darker.


Color melting is a color application technique that blends the root color with your existing highlights or balayage, resulting in a softer more natural and gradual transition. A color melt is great for those who let their highlights grow out, or when you want to go longer in between color appointments.


Highlights are when select strands of hair are woven and lightened from the root to the ends leaving some natural hair in between. The process is done by applying lightener to the strands of hair, which are then folded in foil. Highlights are a great way to create hair color that blends together to give an overall brighter look.


Balayage is a free-hand painting technique used in which lightener is painted onto sections of hair in a sweeping motion, blending the shades for a more natural multi-tonal and sun-kissed result. The process is done by painting lightener to the sections of hair without using foil (some techniques will incorporate foil, plastic wrap and or strips of cotton to keep the sections separated). It’s a great way to add subtle brightness to the hair.

This has been one of the hottest color techniques of the past couple of years because as hair grows out, it looks more natural and subtle than your typical foil highlight color.


Babylights are superfine highlights that were previously known as “fine foils”. With this color technique, hair is separated into tiny sections, maybe only a couple of strands each, that blend right into the roots to achieve a natural look that’s meant to mimic the gorgeous, natural highlights you had as a kid. This color process has less maintenance as the hair grows out more seamless than traditional highlights.


Foilayage is similar to Balayage except for the painted pieces of hair are placed in foil for ultimate lift. This technique creates vibrant strands of color by painting pops of color where your hair needs it, for someone wanting a drastic balayage effect. Foiling the strands keeps the product moist in the foil and providing a greater lift than an open air balayage. Perfect for brunettes wanting a brighter balayage.  


Root shadow or smudge is a demi-permanent hair color and is the latest technique where the roots are seamlessly blended into highlights, babylights and balayage; effectively blurring where the roots end and color begins. It incorporates your roots as part of the overall look in a gorgeous way.


Bleach and tone is used to lighten and tone hair color. During this process, lightener is used to lift the hair’s natural pigment and then a separate toner is applied for a desired shade. For those looking for bold, bright coloring (i.e. blondes).


Creative color is artistically painted semi-permanent hair color; known as fashion, pastel, mermaid, unicorn and rainbow hair.